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Hello and welcome to my blog, Lighthouse Naturopathy; I’m Alison, a qualified Naturopath. Being healthy is easy—inspiring natural ingredients to boost our healthy life, fun in the kitchen and creativity in spirit. We have more energy, confidence and time for fun with the family. For the new or experienced health-conscious, Lighthouse Naturopath blog is cooking from scratch, making homemade remedies and taking charge of our health.


Rosemary and Thyme, beautiful foundation herbs.

Homemade remedies doing it yourself bowl of goodness.

This is a place to find nourishing, refreshing and comforting tips for health; it is a mix of all the goodness to build you up like your favourite homemade comfort food. My blog will inspire you to be healthier and happier with evidence-based and traditional natural medicine lifestyle tips and treats.

I love blending science and tradition. Find out how to take charge of your health, build confidence in listening to your body and make healthier choices. Having faith in the foods we choose is empowering. It keeps alive the tradition of Natural Medicine and the power of choice of our health.

Do you want to learn simple and effective ways to address your health issues? Achieving your best in health doesn’t have to be complex. I love to share simple, evidence-based recipes, tips and remedies to make life easier. 

Evidence-based means the practical application of finding the best available current research, so you know what is trustworthy health information or myth, breaking down the jargon.

Why choose herbal medicine?

One of the things I find fascinating about herbal medicine is that medicinal herbs support different body systems to function and act on more than one system at a time. From herbal teas, tinctures to tablets, salves and compresses, medicinal herbs support healing when used properly. This is an incredible concept, and here is an opportunity to share loads of Herbal Wisdom.

Do you feel overwhelmed with the myriad of information about health and the promises of a quick fix? Herbal medicine has a long traditional use than modern medicine and works on many-body systems. Often that sacred tradition was handed down in song or through the story.

There are a few things to keep in mind about herbal medicine. Herbal medicine is absolutely not drugs; pharmaceuticals tend to force a change in physiological function, to lower blood pressure, for example, without addressing the cause of high blood pressure.

Herbal medicine has a synergistic effect; plant medicines are not simple and have a systemic effect on our body. This is one of the reasons I love working with herbs. Some plant medicines have an affinity for certain systems, we know, for example, chamomile relaxes a nervous stomach, and milk thistle helps our liver.

I’ve practised clinical herbalism and over the counter dispensary herbal medicine for over 15 years. I see the results and effectiveness of Herbal medicine. I can’t wait to share hands-on experience and expertise in herbal medicine because it works.

Natures antioxidant. tomatoes contain vitamin C, beta-carotene and lycopene

Feed my soul, nurture with nutrition and care

Naturopathic philosophy dates back thousands of years; these ancient principles resonate with modern naturopathy and, most importantly, our health today. Nutrition and nutritional supplementation are one of the key modalities of Naturopathy. Food is medicine, and because we eat daily, nutrition is one of the great foundations for a healthier body. I find with my clients that making a few simple food choices can reduce pain, improve energy and glowing health.

There are so much information and myths around health; I love to share the evidence-based research and tips with you that I see work in my clinical practice. Find out how to make some pretty cool things for skin, body, internal health from scratch; to be in charge of your health. Because doing that bit extra means that we get results and feel great at any age.

I love reading and researching, so I will bring you exciting developments in the use of nutritional medicine to help you advance your health. Your health is precious, so make it your priority today to get the best out of your life. I see the frustration when folk have tried many health solutions that either work, then stops working or are not the right ingredients in the right amount. This is the place to start to make a difference and build your natural medicine know-how.

Tolle totum or Treat the Whole Person

I love helping people, and with natural medicine, our foundation is to care for the person, not just their health issue. Failure to address the whole person, the intricacies of disease leave us feeling frustrated. My mission is to ensure that we address how health affects us individually and the most important thing to help and make my client feel great again.

Health and disease are interplays between body systems, physical, mental, spiritual, genetic, social and familial features. Holistic practice is treating the whole person. In this blog, I’m excited to share all the wonderful ingredients to help you shine.

When you take charge of your health, you shine

It Makes Me Smile when I see you thrive

I’m a big fan of watching people grow and achieve their dreams. I’ve been practising in Natural Medicine for over 17 years. Working in the clinic and acute dispensary consultation gives me a set of unique skills and expertise that I love to share. Lighthouse Naturopathy Blog is a great place to find recipes, tips and mentoring advice for any health loving fan. Sharing the healing journey with my clients is a privilege for which I am always grateful.

I have supported hundreds of clients literally with safe and effective medicinal herbs and nutritional support to help resolve their health issues, and I am privileged to be trusted with this care. What if you want to learn more about being your own health practitioner? There is no better time than now to be our healthiest and happiest, vibrant family life and have lots of energy to be with our loved ones.

Natural medicine, the environment and living sustainably has always been a part of my world. I grew up on a farm, living paddock to plate, often rescuing sick animals and helping them recover their health. Farm life teaches us resilience and the importance of supporting your fellow human being. Together we are stronger.

Those who inspire us to plant the seed and inspire others

Growth takes time; we adjust to the forces of nature and thrive with support

Taking charge of our health naturally is the inspiration of my father. He was diagnosed with a chronic illness when we were pretty young. As a teenager, I began to really understand the gravity of my father’s Leukaemia. An avid reader, my Dad, sought natural therapies to help build his resilience between medication rounds; I was inspired by my father to make a difference. To support folk going through a health crisis to have a healthy companion to walk alongside them using natural medicine, oils, supplements, or food.

Mentoring new praccies

An aspect of practice I also love is Mentoring new graduates. I will help you find out how effective acute dispensary practice is, how fast we see results. Learn how to target and prioritise complex cases; I will share some of those assets to inspire confidence and develop your skills as a practitioner. This makes the first couple of years as a practitioner so much easier.

What’s next?

Join me for the bowl of goodness packed full of traditional medicine and evidence-based tips, recipes and inspiration. Lighthouse Naturopathy Blog will share exciting start from scratch, homemade strategies for a super healthy lifestyle. There are no gimmicks, only the juiciest recipes and practices that I know works, and I can’t wait to share them with you. From herbalism at home, nutrition fun in the kitchen to mentoring graduate practitioners, read on.

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