Testing Our Clinic Offers 

Addressing the underlying cause is part of our best practice as Naturopaths. When necessary we offer a wide range of testing.

Metabiome (™) Microbiome Sampling Kit

A “Take-Home” comprehensive test for your unique microbiome composition and function. 

  • Your report includes a complete profile of your gut microbiome/microorganisms, their function and diversity
  • Practitioner and patient Report for comprehensive understanding and test explanations 
  • Simple non-invasive, take-home kit complete with postal pack and instructions. No postage fees, no courier fees to pay
  • Get the latest in scientific testing of your microbiome to give you a better understanding of your gut health.

    The Omega-3 Index Test 

    The Omega-3 Index is a risk factor for heart disease and a measure of your Omega-3 index status. You don’t need a prescription for this test, which is performed in-clinic, or you can purchase the test and take the test at home. 

    Most of us don’t have enough omega-3 in our diet, and most doctors do not test your omega-3 levels. The American Journal of Nutrition published an article by Bill Harris who hypothesised that omega-3 Index is a risk factor for heart disease. 

    This test measures your EPA and DHA and your percentage of risk of heart disease via a blood spot test. Most of us are unfamiliar with this inexpensive and valuable test, or how omega-3 is associated with conditions like diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and development conditions in children.

    Do you have a family history of:

    • Heart disease
    • Diabetes 
    • Are you aged 55+ years old
    • Overweight or obese 
    • Unhealthy diet
    • Smoker 
    • High blood pressure 
    • Have a history of preeclampsia during pregnancy 

    This test takes 15 minutes to perform, you can buy a test as stand alone or with a consultation.

      Other Functional tests include:

      • General Blood Tests
      • Women’s PH test
      • Full Thyroid screening including Reverse T3, & Thyroid Antibodies 
      • Hormonal profiles blood & saliva
      • Sibo Breath testing
      • Microbiome testing 
      • IgG Food Intolerance testing  
      • Omega 3 Index Testing 
      • MTHFR gene testing 
      • Organic Acids Test
      • Nutrient deficiency Test

      We choose to work with Australian and international laboratories. Our functional testing options are specialised tests that are often not part of your standard medical checkup. These tests are very useful when your common tests give you no answers or enough information about your symptoms.

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