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Do you ?

  • Have a family history of high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes or other heart conditions and you want to put a stop to that family legacy?
  • Have you been diagnosed with diabetes or high blood pressure by your Doctor?
  • Do you struggle to manage your cholesterol?
  • Are you sick of feeling tired, having muscle pain and fatigue?
  • Do you feel concerned about the side effects of medication for cholesterol and blood pressure?

These are some of the myriad of concerns my patients have when they want to learn about the naturopathic approach to supporting heart health. There are many research studies that demonstrate the importance of diet, exercise, sleep and engaging in a healthy lifestyle to prevent heart disease. If your answer is a YES for the above questions, schedule an appointment now.

The Power of Prevention

There are a multitude of potential causes of cardiovascular disease, and when it comes to heart disease, prevention is always the best option. Natural medicine excels in reducing the risks of heart disease, supporting reduced side effects and teaching you effective ways to minimise the development of cardiovascular issues.

Research clearly demonstrates the value and effectiveness of lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, nutrients and selective supplements for preventing heart disease. Often patients come to Lighthouse Naturopathy after being told “take these medications and get some exercise”, and very little about effective natural options like diet, lifestyle and sleep.

You will learn how to revive your health with personalised plans and recommendations about nutrition, lifestyle and natural medicine advice. At Lighthouse Naturopathy you will receive a personalised plan that suits your needs and unique health challenges. So that you are empowered to be healthier and achieve more in life.


Natural and Effective Health Support

We work together as a team and in consideration of your unique health problems there may be specific nutritional supplements or herbal medicines that I may prescribe to support your health. Both nutritional supplements and herbal extracts are practitioner only, safe, effective, gentle and non toxic prescribed recognising and avoiding drug-herb interactions.

    Being Part of Your Health Team, Cardiologists and Healthcare Practitioners 


    As a health professional I recognise that there are stages of heart disease that do require medication and specialist support, and will work with your Cardiologist and Health care practitioner to develop a comprehensive health plan.

    If you have had documented heart conditions we require co management with your cardiologist and other health professionals. Even if you are taking medication there are effective natural health strategies to support your wellbeing.

     Common Heart Health Issues that Natural Medicine Can Help  

    • Type 2 Diabetes 
    • High LDL cholesterol 
    • High triglycerides 
    • Atherosclerosis 
    • High blood pressure 
    • Obesity 
    • Poor circulation 
    • High Cholesterol 
    • Fatigue 



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