Meet Alison

“ I simply love helping people. I love being a Naturopath.”

Consultation services, appointments and what to expect 

I’m excited to work with you and be an important part of your health team. It takes courage to make changes and do things differently and I will work with you and support you along the way to optimal health. Being free of unwanted symptoms that bring you down and revive your health so that you thrive, this is my goal for you.

We work together to create a structured and detailed action plan that suits you and is tailored to your needs, with short and long term goals. You may need some functional testing along the way, these are tests that are not done by your General Practitioner and will help define your action plan.

There are several ways we can work together to get your health back on track;


Complementary Health Chat

A free 15-minute consultation where we can discuss your biggest concerns about your health, and any questions you may have before you book your consultation.

In person 1:1 Naturopathic and Functional Medicine Consultation

Lighthouse Naturopathy is located in the beautiful Northern Rivers New South Wales, Ballina. A few minutes walk from the bus stop and Main Street. 

After hours and Saturday consultations are available on request. 

Online Naturopathic Consultations

These are perfect when you live outside the Northern Rivers NSW, Australia wide and internationally via Zoom or phone consultations. Distance should never come between you and your health.

Acute Consultations in person 1:1

if you have not previously had a standard naturopathic consultation, a 15 minute consultation to address symptoms for acute conditions like colds, flu, headaches, wound care or period pain. Phone and online acute consultations are available when you are a Naturopathic client of Lighthouse Naturopathy.

What’s involved and what is the process?

We have a four-step system with appointments 2-4 weeks apart getting you started. Our clients also enjoy a 6 month check in to address any concerns and address any health issues that may come up and receive support to stay on track.

We take your health issues seriously, between consultations behind the scenes Alison will communicate with your health team, write reports, research cutting edge science and implement personalised treatment plans to provide best practice and practically achievable goals. Standard Naturopath consultations will take place weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your individual needs. 

Initial Naturopathic Consultation & Case Review (60 MINS)

On your first visit, we discuss your health goals, take a full case history, collect your questionnaires, review your symptoms and triage acute support and symptom relief. This is an opportunity to collect data and recommend referrals. You will receive a clear & simple written customised plan that addresses your immediate concerns

2nd Visit Follow-up Consultation (45 Minutes)

Approximately 2 weeks later we review a full dietary analysis, physical examination and symptom picture. We review your response to initial treatment and recommendations for any pathology. An opportunity to refine your protocol and assess your progress.

Results Review Consultation (30 Mins)

This is for returning patients, Alison will discuss and review your progress to present your health plan and discuss any testing results also prescription plan. An opportunity for us to trouble-shoot nurture points.

Follow-up Naturopathic consultations (30 MINS)

Follow up visits are an opportunity for us to catch up, address any nurture points you may have and tweak your treatment plan. This is an opportunity to address your responsiveness to your treatment plan and accountability. Follow up on a bit of homework you may have and the wins you have achieved.

Extended Tele-Health Consultation (90 Mins)

This appointment is for distance consultations, for patients who are not in our local community or have mobility issues. This consultation is ideal for patients
with complex health issues, the first appointment.

Repeat Tele-Health Consultation (30 Mins)

This repeat consultation is only available after your first appointment and is for distance patients and those with mobility issues.

Payment policies

For all appointments credit cards or cash are accepted, online bookings/phone consultations are paid before the consultation. Consultations are paid after the end of your appointment.

For less than 24 hours notice in cancellation, a charge of 50% of the appropriate fee will incur. 

Health Fund Rebates 

Depending on your health fund, you can claim Naturopathic appointments.


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