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Welcome to Lighthouse Naturopathy

Ready to be Revived, learn and be inspired

Whether you have a medical condition or things aren’t quite right, Alison will help you discover the underlying cause of your health issues and you will learn valuable relevant tools to stay well. Alison will share the latest in evidence based therapy to support your optimal health. You deserve that.

Alison is your health advocate and loves to help you unpack the medical jargon so you have a clear understanding of your personal health journey and revive your health.Together we will create a personalised road map to your best health and get you back to feeling great physically and mentally.

Alison has extensive knowledge in both foundational and functional pathology, giving you more insight into your health concerns.


Welcome to my clinic

Alison shares her knowledge and expertise in optimal patient care, she provides the highest quality care for her patients and the community. Alison has worked in clinical Naturopathic practice and Dispensary Consultation for 13 years, she “simply loves helping people”. Alison has a special interest and passion for helping people find their best self in health, addressing the cause of health issues, not just the symptoms.

Digestive Health

Are you feeling bloated, uncomfortable in your gut, do you have wind or been diagnosed with parasites?

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Heart Health

Do you have a family history of high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes or other heart conditions and you want to put a stop to that family legacy?

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Hormone Health

Hormones affect every cell in our body, discover how hormone balance helps you free up energy and vitality. Put a stop to low motivation, start living now.

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Immune Health

How well we resist or recover from illness/disease depends on how well our immune system functions. Find balance in immune health and relief from inflammation.

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When you want to channel experience and expertise, graduate practitioners short cut strategies for the best patient outcomes, acute and clinical consultation finesse.

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Our Approach

Alison loves to understand how health works and sharing the latest ground breaking research with her tribe, especially if it helps motivate change.

Our Process

We have an innate ability to heal, owning our health is one of the most empowering acts we can do for ourselves. There is a global increase in chronic disease, most of which is preventable. Alison’s mission is to provide top quality health care, improve our connection to our body and understand when things go wrong. This prevents chronic disease and enables us to live our life to the fullest potential

Our Community

We are stronger as a community and stronger together in our life journey. Alison’s love of nature -reminds her to keep things simple and enjoy the little things in life. Our life is a balance – it’s never still, and our resilience to the ups and downs is so much stronger with good health and purpose. Health is a right, not a privilege – it’s our resource and our responsibility for everyday life

Our Philosophy 

We love watching people grow to become happier, healthier and so that you can get on with your life. Our goal is to help you work through health issues that hold you back, restore your health, learn tools to stay healthy and revive your passion for life. I believe in: 

  • Listening to you – We will understand your story, hear your concerns and recommend the best treatments for your health journey
  • Working as a team – Let’s collaborate and work as a team, with you and your health practitioners to develop an effective tailored treatment plan that is achievable
  • Keeping it simple – Learn how to maintain your health long-term by setting achievable – and affordable – goals
  • Accuracy – Only using health assessments, pathology, testing and functional medicine appropriate to you.
  • You are unique, so no two health plans are ever the same. Alison does not follow out-of-the-box treatment plans.


What People Say

“I have a huge amount of respect for Alison, she is a great listener, very knowledgeable and down to earth. She also has a great sense of humour.”

Susan Baxter

“After an appointment with Alison, I usually have a ‘skip’ in my step and a more informed understanding about my health and body. It’s so good to have a herbal mix made up especially for my needs…”I feel “heard” and cared about -thank you Alison 

Linda A

“Alison is incredibly knowledgeable and thorough, as well as caring and empathetic. If you’re looking for an excellent natural healthcare practitioner, you really can’t go past her.”

Amanda Mac

“Alison is AMAZING!!! She has helped me with my neck and head aches to a place of changing my world…. For the better! Also is amazing Natropath…. BEST!”

Kellie Hall

“Thank you Alison for your help during my cancer journey. Your knowledge in women’s health was a valuable insight for me. The treatment you prescribed was realistic to my needs and complimented the harsh regime of traditional therapies I was undertaking. Your manner is gentle and understanding, your practice thorough and professional. Your caring nature and follow-up check-ins made me feel a valued client. I have and will continue to highly recommend you and your

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Whatever your problem is, I am just a phone call away. Feel free to reach out to me. I will always be happy to help.

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